Marquise Technologies will be exhibiting at NAB, booth SL 12205 and will demonstrate the most advanced HDR Mastering & Versioning workflows for high-end content.

The NAB 2017 versions of our Mastering system MIST and our Reference Player ICE offer the best existing toolset to give the operator full confidence in what he sees and what he needs to deliver in HDR.

MIST and ICE raise the quality bar by providing full control of the Mastering Display device through a remote control protocol. This unique feature perfectly complements the already extensive HDR toolset by automatically configuring the monitor to the right color space, EOTF, luminance levels, etc. This is a crucial feature when working with various HDR standards such as ST2084 PQ and HLG.
The new versions of our products fully support the latest HDR standards (full ITU BT2100 workflow) along with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, with capabilities to do on-the-fly cross conversions between the standards. Up and down conversions are also made easy using multiple color correction tools, including secondary corrections for the luminance and an enriched Color Management System.

The SMPTE ST-2094 standard for Dynamic Metadata Color Volume Transform is also already supported for encodings in MP4 (H264 & HEVC), including the HDR10 PLUS as implemented by manufacturers like Samsung.

The QC of HDR content is facilitated with the clear display of HDR metadata (DoVi, ST-2086) and the measurement of the luminance (MAX FALL & MAX CLL). In addition and vitally important the image scopes are also enhanced with HDR graticules and readouts. 

At NAB, we will demonstrate these complex mastering workflows to create content for multiple HDR and SDR deliverables, IMF or MP4. 

Continuing leading the IMF diffusion, MIST, the established reference tool for IMF mastering & versioning has already implemented the latest standard publications for App 2/2e Studio Profile, including the OPLs, and the App 4 Cinema Mezzanine.

Equally, we will demonstrate the latest implementation of the upcoming IMF-TV application with codecs such as ProRes and AVC-Intra. The IMF-TV workgroup is led by the BBC and EBU and aims at providing a broadcast-friendly IMF application. 

We look forward to seeing you there !

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