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For immediate Release: April 11, 2015

Marquise Technologies at NAB 2015: 4K Mastering, high-speed transcoding of IMF & DCP, real-time playback of high-bitrate IMF packages

Geneva, Switzerland - At NAB 2015, Marquise Technologies will present solutions to efficiently create, transcode and control the quality of 4K masters for digital cinema, broadcasters and OTT services.


MIST enhances the art of mastering with a new set of features for demanding projects: a full pack of secondary color correction and a new CIE 1931 scope allowing image analysis of all color spaces including extended gamut and dynamic range. The ingest module has been completely redesigned to support 4K/UHD capture up to 60p and allows JPEG2000 and MXF wrapping on the fly, facilitating the migration from video to new industry standards such as IMF.

DCP mastering is strengthened with new presets, a custom naming convention generator, the support for Composition Metadata and more Color Management parameters for the DCI XYZ color conversion. The support of Timed Text has been greatly enhanced with the ability to output multiple tracks of closed subtitles and closed captions along with per track metadata management.

At NAB 2015, the Interoperable Master Format, commonly known as IMF, is certainly going to be seen as the most advanced format for file-based mastering. In order to enable IMF workflows with ease while giving access to an ever-growing list of parameters, new tools have been added in MIST. Besides the enhanced support of Application #2 extended support for Timed Text has also been added. The creation of supplemental packages, the merge or split of the IMP and the handling of multiple soundfields are easily managed. New features have been added, like dedicated presets for Netflix, the support for markers and Stereo3D IMF packages, a custom naming convention generator, new audio settings and delete or modify soundfields in the package. Moreover MIST supports real-time playback of UHD IMF packages up to 60p, including for high bitrates.


As the industry is moving towards automated and cloud-based workflows, it will be necessary to use next generation toolsets. Marquise Technologies is introducing TORNADO, a new product, targeting the development of new file-based workflows in a global environment. TORNADO is a transcoding server offering full remote control and support for IMF and DCP encoding along with other industry standards commonly used by broadcasters and OTTs. TORNADO is the ideal building block in any infrastructure and works well in conjunction with any orchestration solution or in-house workflow management tools.

TORNADO "Super" transcoding supports uncompressed image sequences up to 8K, and can deliver up to 240 FPS of 4K encoding speed in JPEG2000, The key features of TORNADO's will revolutionize the way post-houses and studios deal with DCP and IMF packaging operations.


Mastering and "Super" transcoding are mute without a capable QC solution. Marquise Technologies' ICE, Image Control Engine is a server player designed for real-time playback of IMF packages with high resolution and high bitrates, including App 2e IMPs using BPC 5 and BPC 7. Various configurations are available, with maximum performance being achieved using dedicated hardware acceleration for the decoding of the JPEG2000.

Monitoring has been enhanced with EBU R128 Audio loudness QC tools (including Loudness EBU modes from 9 to 18 LU and 9 to 18 LUFS, Sample Peak and True Peak DB meters as well as a VU Meter.

Validation tool for DCP and IMF packages have also extended control points.



Cloud-based platform KeyMaster, the solution for KDM distribution to the theaters has gained numerous management features. Among them, post-production facilities, studios and distributors can now use their own email server with personalized messages for sending KDMs, and an import tool is now available to automatically populate Screens registry's with existing database's. Since its launch is December 2014, KeyMaster has successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of KDMs in multiple countries.

MIST, TORNADO, ICE and KeyMaster will be available for demonstrations on Marquise Technologies' booth.

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