Marquise Technologies at NAB 2017: Advanced Mastering Workflows in HDR and IMF


Geneva, Switzerland, 20.04.2017 – Marquise Technologies, a Swiss-based developer of high-end post-production solutions, will demonstrate at NAB 2017 the most innovative Mastering & Versioning workflows for premium content in HDR and IMF.

Marquise Technologies again steps forward by offering producers of premium episodic and features films in UHD and 4K HDR the widest and most complete palette of tools for creating the masters and their multiple versions. Presenting dedicated solutions for each of the post-production processes, the company’s product range permits scalable investments and a better distribution of the workload among their teams.

Mastering & Versioning with MIST
The world-leading mastering solution MIST provides the most extensive toolset for image editing and conforming, advanced color grading and color management features, as well as image enhancement and format conversion. The multiple deliverables include DCP, AS-11 DPP, AS-10 AMWA and all standardized IMF Applications.

Quality Control with ICE
The hero Reference Player ICE has the industries largest format support, from RAW data to complex DCP and IMF packages. Its validation tools combined with a variety of image and audio scopes and an NLE timeline compose a strong and efficient feature set for quality control.

Automated transcoding with TORNADO
For higher volumes of content, a mastering workstation is not sufficient anymore. In order to speed the rendering process, MIST can offload the transcoding to the server TORNADO. Its API allows TORNADO to be implemented in 3rd party applications to process automated workflows. The full range of formats, from RAW data to IMF, including supplemental packages is supported by this workhorse.

To be discovered at NAB 2017
The NAB 2017 version of MIST raises the bar for HDR mastering, with the support of the latest specification ITU BT2100, along with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. MIST allows on-the-fly cross-conversions between the standards and also up and down conversions thanks to an enriched color management system and a dedicated color correction module. The SMPTE ST-2094 standard for Dynamic Metadata Color Volume Transform is also already supported for encodings in MP4 (H264 & HEVC), including the HDR10 PLUS as implemented by manufacturers like Samsung. These features are available with both MIST and TORNADO.

With the unique capacity to control the Mastering Display device, MIST and ICE automatically configure the monitor to the right color space, EOTF, luminance levels, etc. This crucial feature when working with various standards such as ST-2084 and ST-2086 PQ, Dolby Vision and HLG is currently available with Canon and Eizo 4K HDR monitors.

Continuing to lead the IMF implementation, Marquise Technologies solutions support the latest standard publications for App 2/2e Studio Profile, and the App 4 Cinema Mezzanine. NAB demonstrations will include transcoding of IMP using OPLs, as well as the first look at the work of the EBU IMT-TV group on an IMF Application using Apple ProRes.

The future of content versioning can already be seen with Marquise Technologies’ cloud-based platform VORTEX, able to create from complex packages a variety of deliverables including the broadcasters and OTTs delivery specifications in a very innovative and easy way.


See Marquise Technologies’ solutions at NAB 2017:

Marquise Technologies - booth SL 12205
Bluefish444 – booth SL 10021
Eizo – booth SL 13916
Cinesys-Oceana Suite at Renaissance Hotel

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Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the cinema, the television broadcast and OTT industry. The company addresses post-production facilities and digital film labs and provides them with high-end solutions for image processing, mastering and quality control for Digital Cinema & UHDTV.

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