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MTI Film LA - use MIST for 4K mastering of Hollywood Classics


Geneva, Switzerland, 26.08.2015 – Marquise Technologies announced today that MTI have selected MIST as their tool of choice for 4K DCP and IMF Mastering. MIST is an integral part of the 4K restoration workflow for MTI.

At MTI, the 4K restoration workflow starts usually from the DPX scans, and goes along image restoration process and color correction before it reaches the phase of mastering for digital cinema.

Larry Chernoff CEO of MTI said “MIST provides us with all the tools required for true mastering work to enable us to produce studio certified 4K DCP master in a reliable and dependable way, Marquise Technologies have made this possible by being helpful and attentive to our studio based requirements”. Chernoff concluded “MIST has worked on some of the movie industries true classics including, Forty Guns, Fixed Bayonets and The Power and the Glory”.
“We’re delighted that MTI Film has opted for MIST, especially for giving new life to these classic feature films. It is also showcasing what we can offer in terms of leading technology for high end digital cinema, with sophisticated, cost effective, and highly efficient workflows” adds Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.
MIST is a fully featured mastering system for DCP, IMF and Broadcast mastering with a full toolset of true mastering capabilities for picture, sound and metadata that enable the user to be bale to meet all of the challenges that arise when providing standard and bespoke masters.



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Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the post-production and the television broadcast industry. The company addresses post-production facilities and digital film labs and provides them with high-end solutions for image processing, data conforming, color grading and mastering for Digital Cinema & UHDTV.
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About MTI Film

MTI Film is a unique company committed to the cutting edge of post production technology and services. Our industry-leading digital film restoration, dailies workflow and transcoding software are used by top tier studios, productions, post houses and film archives around the globe. Our full service facility has the experience and tools to handle today's demanding production requirements. And our premier film restoration services have worked on some of the most cherished classic and modern titles.  


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