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Geneva, Switzerland, 13.09.2017 Marquise Technologies, a Swiss-based developer of high-end post-production solutions, announced the support of DTS:X immersive, object-based audio for DCP mastering.

With the growth of DTS:X immersive audio in movie theaters, requests for packaging this new audio type into DCP is dramatically improving, especially in Europe, the USA and China.

DTS:X enables filmmakers to create richer soundscapes by moving sound objects in front of, behind, above and beside the audience, precisely where the mixer places them.

DTS:X cinema certification offers theater owners the opportunity to deliver the most compelling, immersive sound experience possible to their audiences. This can be achieved for almost any size or shape room by installing DTS:X-approved equipment and working within DTS:X installation guidelines.

To ensure the highest quality experience and provide flexibility within the DTS:X program, DTS has partnered with industry-leading server, sound rendering and processing companies including GDC Technology and QSC, to bring to market DTS:X-ready components.

Leader in the mastering of high-value content with the software MIST, Marquise Technologies now provides post-production facilities with a fully-featured tool set for packaging the DCPs with DTS:X audio. Capable of encoding DCPs fasters than real-time in 4K, including 2D, Stereo3D or HFR, and also to manage the complexity of versioning, MIST supports the latest SMPTE standards for Digital Cinema, including the ST 429-16 Additional Composition Metadata.

“Support for DTS:X in Marquise Technologies’ state-of–the-art DCP authoring solution represents another milestone in the adoption of our technology and makes it even more accessible to audiences all over the world,” said Bill Neighbors, SVP, GM Cinema, Digital Media and Streaming Solutions, Xperi Corporation. “We are very excited to welcome Marquise Technologies to the DTS:X D-Cinema ecosystem.”

“It is very important that our solutions support the latest available technology, especially when it is about enhancing the viewer’s experience as DTS:X immersive audio is offering. Providing the post-production facilities with an efficient and cost-effective way of mastering such innovations is our main focus,” adds Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.

MIST will be showcased at IBC together with the reference player ICE.

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