IMF Wokflows

IMF is becoming the workflow of choice for exchanging premium content between business entities. Pushed by the studios and adopted by OTT's IMF is now rapidly growing. Our solutions offer unrivalled functionalities and the most advanced support for this new way of working.


Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema Initiative is more than 10 years old, but issues are still important. SMPTE DCPs are needed for working at ease with subtitles and audio immersive. Our solutions provide both efficiency and innovative GUI to serve regular jobs or complex operations.


ACES Color System

Developed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, ACES allows to keep consistency of the color of a production from dailies to archives. Supporting ACES from its very first version, our solutions have fully integrated the latest developments of this industry standard.



Streaming in HDR UHD is becoming a reality for premium content, and there is urgent need to master and control these new productions. Our solutions provide full support of the standards (ST 2084, ST 2086, REC2020...) including HFR and wide gamut and allow to work with dual HDR/SDR workflows.